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Bruno Ducoux DO

Bruno Ducoux DO

Born: May 5, 1954 in Bordeaux – France
Married with Sylvie
3 children: Alice, Thomas, Maylis

1978: French State Degree of “Masseur- Kinesitherapeute” DE
1985: Diplôme d’Osteopathie;diploma of Osteopathy:DO, european standard.Thesis on :Hands on approach on headaches:studies on 200 clients
1985: Member of the french Register of Osteopaths (ROF)
1988- 1992: Somato-Emotional Release;assistant of John Upledger for Europe
1990: Translater of Inner Bridges from Fritz SMITH and Zero Balancing workshops with Tim NEWMAN
1991: Speaker in conventions in Europe and USA (“Beyond the Dura” conference in Palm Beach Gardens)
1992: Student at “Institut de Sciences Politiques” de Bordeaux (political science with interest in health care for the future)
1992-2014:The way of Osteopathy; Emotional Integration in Osteopathy ; Osteopathy in the pediatric field; aquatic Osteopathy: teaching workshops in USA, France, Reunion Island, Europa; Canada, Australia
1997: Founder memberof the french AO:Academy of Osteopathy; redactor of APOSTILL; journal of the french Academy of Osteopathy then vice Président of AO
since 1998: Member of the AAO (American Academy of Osteopathy)
since 2000 teaching i a workshop to enhance communication with dolphins n the Azores Island: see:www.consciencedauphins.com then in Red Sea: www.lacompagniedesdauphins.com
2004- 2008: member of the executif comittee of WOHO (World Osteopathic health Organisation)
since 2009: Founder and Director of FROP: Formation and Research in Pediatric Osteopathy: a 400 hours continuationg educational program during 2 years in Bordeaux; www.frop.fr
200 founder member of EGKO www.egko.org
since 2011 : Teacher Université Paris Diderot faculté de Médecine Bichat in DU Ostéopathie, acupuncture et homéopathie appliqués à la périnatalité
2011 : Member ofTask Force OIA Osteopathic International Alliance www.oialliance.org
2011 : Master of Sciences degree in Sciences éducation Universiét F Rabelais Tours
Subject : Formation à la plapation ; le cas particulier des ostéopathes en formation continue
2012 : Inter University Matser degree in Manual Medecin ostéopathie Université Bordeaux 2
2014 : co founder of Centre papillon Bordeaux www.centre-papillon.fr

1978- 1984: Private practice as Masseur-kinesitherapeute in Bordeaux- France
since 1984: private practice in Bordeaux as Osteopath DO MROF with special interest in treating newborn and children
since 2002: Practice in a maternity with new born: Clinique Saint Martin in Pessac (33) France

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