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Prof. Renzo Molinari DO

Prof. Renzo Molinari DO

Prof. Renzo Molinari DO MROF GOsC (UK) with over 38 years of experience , is one of the leading figures in the world of Osteopathy. He is an associate Professor of Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO)-University of Greenwich, Co-founder-Principal of the Collège Ostéopathique Français ( France) . He went on to become Principal of the European School of Osteopathy, his main functions in the last twenty years include :
Founder and President of the Osteopathic European Academic Network (OSEAN)
Co founder of the World Osteopathic Health Organisation (WOHO).
European coordinator for and committee member of the American
Academy of Osteopathy.(USA)
Chairman of the Council of Osteopathic Educational Institutions (COEI) UK
Specialist Adviser for the University of Wales-UK
For many years, he has taught and given lectures all over the world,
Keynote speaker at many International conferences. He is recognized internationally as one of the leaders in Women s Health Osteopathy.
He is a highly experienced speaker and has delivered osteopathy courses on a wide variety of approaches. He has also developed a number of different educational programs in osteopathy (DO, BSC, Masters).
He is now developing the Molinari Institute of Health in London, focusing on Women s Health and runs two very successful clinics.
In 2006, he received the Walking Staff of Andrew Taylor Still , symbol of the passage of Osteopathy from the USA to Europe.
He has been elected one of the Top Doctors of the United Kingdom ( 2011)
Member of the Faculty of Women s Health. College of Medicine .London.
He serves since 2014 as Honorary President of the Japan Traditional Osteopathic College.
Honorary President of the Year of Mother and Baby.( Montreal.Canada 2015),
Chairman of the Osteopathic Alliance (post graduate College for Osteopathy) London.


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